Anti Gravity Motors are not allowed in animation challenge

No more anti gravity motors unless they are invented in the next year:(

I was just going to use the Forrest-lift clawbots from this year’s reveal.


Yeah… I did that. I’m the original that sparked the copycats on this one. Which is awesome. Long live the GMod hover ball!

Those wheels are not powered by anti-gravity technology. They’re powered by magnetic levitation. Totally legit and doable with VEX Robotics.


I thought the whole point of having impossible robot designs in animations is so that teams wouldn’t copycat viable designs in animations. I guess clawbots are reasonable, but boring…

Says you… :cool:

It’s true – we want you to take physics into account in your animation design. Having said this, I would like to point out that we are looking for gross items like gravity guns and flying robots. If you do an animation where the robot *might *tip over and does not, or if the wheels on your robot don’t turn, the judges will not take that into account. We understand that the purpose of a game animation is NOT to make actual game robots, but to explain a real VEX game. We believe that gravity guns, for example, do not contribute anything meaningful in describing a game to be played by VEX robots.

Please remember that there is no requirement to build photo-realistic VEX robots for your animation. Some great animations have been done with cartoon-like robots (that don’t fly, use tractor beams, or exhibit other Spidey-powers). An animation with more detail can be more interesting and informational, but your robots do not need to be made from VEX parts. As someone noted elsewhere, the game animation is not meant to teach teams how to build robots to play the game.

The two most important things in this challenge are an interesting and realistic VEX-based robotics game and a good-quality animation that tells the story of your game.

The VEX and FTC animations that use the elephant and pelican robots always throw my students off. Someone always comments about that and I constantly have to tell them that the purpose of the anti-gravity robots and the elephant is to not give away any ideas. I always get the one that says their robot is going to look like a pelican.

I would give that team a Judges Award if they pulled that off.

I will be sure to tell them you said that. If they do happen to make one I will make sure to bring it to worlds next year.

Maybe that belongs in the Online Challenge mascot competition?

That would be cool. When do the next set of Online Challenges open?

Take a look at the FUTURE Foundation Robot Construction Challenge. Build a robot mascot for your team for fun and prizes.