Anti Pushbot Strategies

Does anyone use specific defensive strategies/builds to stop pushbots from messing with your point strategies? I need some ideas.


I can’t contribute to the success of this, but especially in Turning Point, I saw teams have tiny wedges made of plexiglass to hang off the sides, which could lift up a pair of wheels when people try to push the side of the robot. The first example that comes to mind is 169 from last year, but I’ve seen several teams do that.

Otherwise, if you are playing against a pure pushbot, the defensive strategy should be just to gang up on the other robot that can score. Or, in Auton just get a few cubes into the unprotected goal, and during the match just focus on getting cubes within your protected zone, and just stack inside your protected zone.


Thanks for the idea, I will try to convince my captain to put that on our robot :joy:

or you can take a look at 8059a TP worlds robot.
they built and brought a “tank” over and it had proven to be almost… “push-proof”.

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Lol. It wasn’t a real “tank” with tracks and such.

If you are not the heaviest tank robot on the field, then you need to be fast and practice your driving like there is no tomorrow.

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well… definitely not a real tank… i hope my label of “tank” is clear enough for OP to notice :stuck_out_tongue:

but there are many small little “touches” in the building and design that made the robot not just push-proof, but also pretty indestructible as well. Of course, weight is one of the factors, but other things are involved as well.


i believe this should be called anti pushbot strategies because i nearly got on here and said its simple to be pushbot. just push people. all cause i saw the title and thought this person asking how to use pushbot

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Thank u much better. Now people know u want to counter pushbots

Yes lets not encourage pushbots

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