Anti Slip Matting

Where do you guys generally get good quality anti slip matting for your robots?

Well here’s what vex sells

But it’s probably going to cost more to ship it that to buy it.


Robosource also sells anti-slip mat, though note that since that sheet is a bit larger then the one VEX sells, any parts you cut from the larger sheet must have been able to be cut from a 12x15" sheet as well.


I hope it’s legal but we actually get these grip mats from Walmart as you get way more for way less which helps prototyping, cost management, and the quality is a little better as it feels a little sticker but is thinner than the Vex ones.

Harbor Freight has rolls of mesh practically identical to what VEX sells at very cheap price.

If you want multiple colors to match your team colors then search amazon for “drawer liner” or “easy liner”.

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Amazon is a lot cheaper.

I don’t see any rule limiting the amount of anti-slip mat you can use, am I missing something?

Can you have decorative, non functional anti slip matting exceed that 12 x 15" rule

There’s no rule limiting the amount of anti-slip matting you can use; however, if you have a piece of anti-slip mat on your robot that is too big to be cut from the 12"x15" mat VEX sells, then you’d be in violation of <R5d>:

If you couldn’t make it from an official VEX part, then the part you started with couldn’t have been “identical to” an official vex part.

Robosource apparently found a better deal on 12"x18" anti-slip mats, hence their guidance to cut it down to official size before using it (or, unofficially, just make sure any pieces you use on your robot could have been cut from 12"x15".

Sure - you can do pretty much anything you want with non-functional decorations, provided you meet the conditions in <R12>.


So technically you can have a total area greater that 12x15 but just not a single peice that its over 12x18?

it’s because VEX’s antislip used to be 12"x18" I don’t recall when VEX made the change to shrink it down to 12"x15"

The total area is unlimited, but each single piece must be able to have been cut from a 12"x15" sheet.

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