Anti slip or none for plastic backing

Hi, I just have a really quick question regarding using anti slip or not for this year change up. With the main robot design the snail bot which my team is building right now, I was wondering if we should use anti slip or not on the plastic that creates the path for the balls. We should be able to test it soon but I want to see what everyone else results are on which is better and why.

I haven’t tested it, but I’m assuming slick polycarb would lead to the balls just sort of rolling against it. so antislip is probably a good bet.


traction vs rolling resistance

We use it on ours because without it the polycarb is far to slippery. But ive also seen reveals use the thin foam (toolbox liner) and that would probably work well too. Either way (for our team at least) there has to be something there in increase traction or its very difficult to score and move balls. For our actual bot we have 2 thin strips of the foam creating rails for the balls, which provides enough traction but is does not increase rolling resistance enough to slow it down with the added advantage of guiding the balls in a line through the bot.

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