Anti-Static Wheels Shipping

Does anyone know when the new anti-static wheels will ship from vex? We were looking to use them on our worlds bot, but we don’t know if they are going to ship in time. Also, due to programming, we don’t want to receive them too late, and then end up not being able to use them at worlds due to having to change our programming because of the change.


Bumping, as a Hawaii team if the window is too tight we will have to split the order and send the wheels to Dallas so that we can use the other parts of our order. I plan to call VEX sales tomorrow, I suggest you do the same so you can mull your options.


Very soon I would think. I think they said it ships march 31st or later.

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Tbh i forgot, were you abld to get ahold of vex sales and check when theyre coming in

E: We decided to split the order.

Oh, yep! They just basically told us they hadn’t shipped yet. We decided to split our order so we could still receive our c channel and gears. At this point, I think I’m just sticking with my green wheels. Doesn’t match the color scheme of the bot, but I’m not gonna be changing around autos.

Anti static wheels finally arrived.


What antistatic Wheels? I looked and could not find anything

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Select omni wheels
Select size
Option 2 is antistatic

Thank you
20 charmander

Alright, an update for people who are interested in the anti static wheels:

They are much thinner, so I think you could drop a hole on your drive rails if you wanted to.

The mounting holes are really nice - there’s a wide variety for whatever gears, mechanisms, and angles.

Seem well made, but I think they rattle when they spin a tiny bit.

They are actually 4in instead of the 4.125in seen on old omni wheels.

Now finally - friction - they have a much lower friction on the foam and platform than your standard green omni wheel. I don’t have any grey ones, so I can’t compare those. To the point where we could no longer climb on the platform with the anti static wheels. We immediately took them off, and will be running green ones at worlds.


Ditto for 3.25 re traction

I wonder if this means that we can finally use the 4in traction wheels in conjunction with the 4in omnis without too many issues?

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This is fantastic, but I think some warning for this would have been nice. This isn’t an insignificant change.