Anti Tip Help

I’m currently building a traybot. How do you deploy anti tips from the back of the robot.
Also, what is the most common wheel choice at the end of the anti tip?

A lot of people are using a slider with a 2.75 inch omni-wheel at the back that is banded so the wheel shoots out. You can easily hold the slider in by putting a screw or stand-off on your tilter, and having the tilter stand-off block the slider from moving out. When the tilter moves forward/up, the anti-tip should release. There is also a few other common methods for anti-tips. How many cubes are you planning on doing?

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There is also flip-out design:

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Alternatively to adding an anti tip, you could use counterweights. My chassis is steel for this reason. (And because I don’t want to use a whole bunch of aluminum. Yet.)


We put a free spinning wheel at the end of our robot. It solved all our problems (because it touches the ground).

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