Anti tip method for 7 cube stacking robot. Help! Tower takeover

Robot has a folding tray that can stack seven cubes but often starts To tip over backwards when we have 5 cubes on our tray. Just want ideas on a way to add some support on the robot in the back?

You could add an extendable wheel the deploys after you do something

So with wheelie bars, out them on c channel of 3 wide and put one bolt on the end of your robot, then either add a small wheel of just a bar. Then rubber band it and you should be fine

Don’t know how much clearance you have, but my team has Omni wheels horizontal (-) on linear slides underneath our robot, not the prettiest solution, but it works. The most common anti-tip is just flip out Omni wheels based off what I have seen.


Depending on how fast your robot has to be ready, I would suggest moving everything around to shift the CoG forwards. If your bot tips at 5 cubes, then you’re gonna have a really hard time getting up to 9


our sister team used fold out wheels and they work really well. They don’t use regular wheels though, they put a zip tie trough spacers and put it around 2 45 degree angle gears. I will get a picture asap

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Thanks. Picture would be nice


I hope these help
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