Anti-tipping System?

One of the big challenges between Sack Attack and this year is A) taller robots=bigger problems, B) The posts are on the walls so it is impossible to keep scoring objects over the center of your chassis as you score.

I like this solution because it allows the chassis to move out of the way when against the wall.

I used it in an old toss up robot, but this only works for the front or back.

The accelerometer works great. We use a gyro for turns and an accelerometer for the anti-tip. If the robot gets a reading of >75 or <=-75 it runs the motors the direction that the robot is tipping in to keep it balanced. We tried using the gyro at a 90 degree angle during sack attack, but the accelerometer works better for us.

This is a pretty good one.

Stanley Shi’s anti tip pegs V2.0

Yeah, this makes tipping backward almost impossible. I wonder what holds it in at the start of the match.

What worked good for us last year was to have linear slides that when we lifted up they would pop out.

Friction. Look closely at what is happening as he drives forward.

Talking about 400X aren’t you.

I think the new linear slides can possibly do it. You just need to be creative~

I do not recommend using this anti tip, the only reason I used that design is because the transmission was in the way of the usual linear slide anti tip i like to do. In addition the hanging lock, (which i had to put at the back because the cortex was raised so high because it was sitting on top of the transmission) and hanging hook+arm tower were using up the space in the back, so i couldnt do filp out kick stand anti tip’s either, like the ones in this video:

The anti tip I am using for skyrise is the one as seen in the following video, just look out for when the arm goes up it releases the linear slide that pops out the back:[

On my skyrise robot so far i have 4 of these sticking out the robot, except hovering above the ground 2-3 mm instead of 2 inches like in the toss up bot(for traversing the bump). The 4 are in the following position: 1 on the left, 1 on the right, and 2 in the back, to accomodate space in the middle for the passive skyrise section builder. In the end I hope to also have anti tips in the front for 360 degree anti tip, putting a whole new level to “peace of mind”.](

The “V 2.0 anti tip pegs” were kept in by the white zip tie dragging on the ground, there is no exccessive friction in the joints, but the zip tie goes against the rubber band when the anti tip is compressed, once the robot drives forward the zip ties drag the anti tip out and stays in that position due to the 2 bars rotating into a straight bar, and the rubber band in a better angle to pull the two sections outwards.

I personally think this one was my favorite.

I’m afraid your antitip didn’t quite work that great in the match we were with you. :wink: :smiley:

Without the bump and barrier, I wonder how tight the field is going to be this year. In toss up, a robot with a large extension or antitip system would have no room to move in the goal zone. However, this year it seem that it will be much easier to have large extensions, and not constantly get in your and everyone else’s way.

That is true when working with cubes, but there is far less space between the autoloader and Skyrise base (~20") than there was last year in the goal zone.