Anti tips and hanging

Hello all, today i was working with my robot (as always) and my team suggested adding antitips, however the way our robot ends up hanging is through the normanl reverse dumper 180 hang. Howevet with standard antitips this doesnt work, and the back end of the robot angles downwards and the antitips catch and prevetn hangin. I would like to know if anyone has fixed this problem before, or if anyone had any ideas that they could add. Thanks in advance-9065parker

Ablut the only thing I could think of is having the anti-tips fold in. I can’t remember who, but one team tied their anti-tips to their lift so that when the lift is retracted, the pegs are folded in. If you add a few extra rubber bands to your lift, everything should balance out.

you can try making anti tips out of linear sliders that run on an inner slide truck. So use it and rubber band it in such a way that it wants to stick out and use rubber bands to pull it in later on to fit within 18x18x18 and connect it to your lift so when the lift moves the linear sliders slide out. Then when you attempt to hang and back up against the field perimeter the anti tips would tuck back inside as long as you are against the field perimeter. We have tried this anti tip and it worked for us. We added nylon spacers at the end of the anti tips to help the linear sliders to slide smoothly on the tile when we drive up to hang. I can’t include pictures because i don’t have my robot with me, but if its possible i’ll try to send one.

@CraftBro yes we tried exactly that, lol, however sometimes during matches we could accedentally retract them back in, and then wed fall over

Our anti-tip bar is on a pneumatic piston and we simply retract it at the end of the match. If you have pneumatics it is definitely worth using the piston, it’s simple, easy, and works. And one extra actuation won’t hurt your claw if you have a pneumatic claw

@9065_parker for us we have it so that even if we back up against the field perimeter the linear sliders would retract and when we move away from the field perimeter back onto the field to play, they would pop back out and still serve their purpose. We have it so that it will always stick out and will only be retracted back when we start 18x18x18 and when we back up against the field perimeter to hang. If we decided not to hang and we move away from the field perimeter it still slides out again so we won’t tip. I’d suggest to either to change the way you made your anti tips so that it only retracts when something is either pushing it (against the field perimeter) or pulling it (when you start the match rubber band it in) in or try to reconstruct your drive base so you wouldn’t need anti tips and it won’t get in the way of your hang.

Hope this helps, good luck.

We have our anti tip on a rubber band that is connected to our claw’s gear. When it moves, it snaps out and stays there for the entirety of the match.

Anti tips are greatand we have them on our bot. However im asking if anyone has some that dont interfere with hanging

You can build a gravity anti-tip, one that deploys when the robot is tipping rather than one that is out the entire time. Another option that we are trying is gearing our lift to the anti-tip that way when we raise the lift it will deploy and when we lower the lift it will retract, the problem is that it can not retract in time to get out of the way for hanging. Personally my favorite anti-tip mechanism is the fence…

Ok, i found a way that works really well, is passive and doesnt require almost any space

Is it the fence?

Lol no, its going to storm here real bad, otherwise i wouldve grabbed pictures today, ice sucks

Mind sharing?

My sister team has a convoluted plan of polyxarbonate hooks and the likes to extend the back linear slide and push it back in with the fence and reset the system.

Yep here you go @Bryan R
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It works really well, folds up straight and is passive, you can hang with it to

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Dont mind the wires, we fixed that about 10 minutes later

So… how does it work?

Ill grab better pitcures tommorrow, however for now its 2 standoffs mounted onto the back of my robot by using rotational bearing flats (attached) and they hook up into my gear that runs my lift, on the gear theres a small hook that holds it in place at the beggining of the match, then at the start of the match whenever the gear moves down and the arm up, the hook disengages and the rubber band pulls the assebly down to where its held in place by the rubberband, and held open by a c channel

The left one

Works very well, i cant tip anymore, and can hang well

This is what we used. It’s a similar concept, but we found using just rubber bands wasn’t enough to really prevent tipping so we used a lock instead. The c-channel and the 1x bars fold up at the beginning of a match and fall down when we drive forwards. The standoff connecting the aluminum bars locks the c-channel in place by falling into a notch we cut into the c-channel.