Antichamber X-Drive

I was given permission to share this video on the VEXForums. It’s a 350rpm X-drive (84:48 with 200rpm internals) using V5. It’s also p cool

That looks super fast. Especially since it is on the ground, there is a lot of wheel slip and it will be so much faster on the field. almost impossible to get on the platforms tho…I dont exactly understand what the gearing is- vex doesnt make 48 tooth gears.

Rip Omnis :frowning:

Wouldn’t an x drive be pushed around very easily during competition?

This is why I love Anti… He makes the craziest designs…

As for the 48t gear, they are actually made, just from the Vexplorer kits from a long ways back.

Don’t do an omni base.

In the last 3 seasons (NBN, SS, ITZ), there has been a grand total of 1 robot out of 45 in the round robin with an omni base, which is well under 3%.

V5 motors are really powerful, but that doesn’t justify an inefficient design.

Plus with an x drive you need to use omni wheels. This means that you can be pushed in any direction kind of easily, while if you do a tank drive with high traction wheels it is harder to push you.

Not necessarily true. Although the wheels may give in one direction, there are also wheels that can push back. This design effectively has the strength of a 2 motor V5 chassis in any direction so from whatever angle you push at, there can always be a resistance of about that strength.

True I hadn’t thought of that. I am not sure if that would be better than just using the wheels with the most traction (I still need to determine which wheel this is).

Also the same principle of being able to go in any direction makes drifting in unwanted directions a larger problem (see 0:55 in video in original post). This could be solved with coding and driving skill though.

Well said.

But even aside from these issues, the total power output of an X drive is less than the total power output of a tank drive with the same specs. Don’t do an X drive :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe locked 4" omni wheels have the most grip iirc.