Antigravity Motors

Our college mentor has promised that if VEX ever makes anitgravity motors, he will buy them for us so that we can build the flying robot from the Round Up Animation. We figure a flying robot or its ally that uses The Force would give us a huge advantage for Gateway. When are these parts slated for production?

***This is a joke. :slight_smile:

You do know the reason why the animation uses these right?

Of course. It’s so that teams can’t copy design ideas from the animations.

I think they still do. I’ve seen a few protobots out there. lol

at the competition in Modesto, a protobot took the excellence award haha.

I wish it could be that easy where we compete :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding.

I like the skill level we go up against. It is not easy, but it is a lot of fun.
The only time I enjoy blowouts, are when we are in the eliminations, or it is the last qualification match :smiley:

Its not exactly this. Its mainly so that VEX doesn’t give away any ideas on designs, not so much copy.