Antistatic spray at worlds

At my regional tournament, I noticed a major issue with the fields and being able to move objects. I eventually figured that because of the anti-static spray on the tiles, the stars and cubes became extremely frictional and caused many issues with moving them (i have videos to show what i mean). This issue caused a 45+ point programming skills to drop as well as caused issues with matches and driver skills.

My question: Is spray going to be used at worlds, and if it is, will have a similar effect on the objects? (note this was the first tournament all year we had this issue at)

Also I would like to address the way my complaint was handled. When i mentioned it to the woman running the event she directed me to an RECF official. The conversation lasted a couple minutes and went something like this(a summary):

me: “I’ve noticed an issue with the fields because of the anti static spray. Is there any way to fix this since it has never happened before and could limit my chances to make it to worlds?”
RECF official “We have to do it to prevent brownouts, and all other regional tournaments should be doing the same thing, so everyone would effectively be playing at the same disadvantage.”
me “I understand that, but many other teams have already scored high in skills at tournaments without this problem whereas i will be forced to put my best robot out at a disadvantage”
[continual repetitive conversation]
RECF “Well you can either deal with the issue or be disqualified”

Was this an appropriate response by someone working for RECF, or could i have even been disqualified? Threatening to DQ for debating a point about the validity of field setup.

Yes, the VRC competition fields at the 2017 VEX Robotics World Championship will be treated with anti-static spray. I cannot verify that this is the same spray that was used at your regional tournament, but i can verify that it is the same spray that we have used for the past 5+ years at the World Championship (and may other events). The report that the spray impacted the game objects, as described above, is not something that we normally encounter. Once the spray is applied by our technicians, the field is allowed to dry, and we don’t encounter the issues as described. In summary, I don’t think that this issue should cause concern moving forward.
As far as your described interaction with an “RECF official,” I would recommend that you directly contact your REC Foundation Regional Support Manager for more information. I don’t have enough details regarding the situation to comment further. Good luck at Worlds!