Any advice on coding C++

Need help coding our robot I don’t know c++ what’s the best way to learn C++


When we started to use the V5 system we only one person knew c++ and that too not that much. We used clawbot programs found on to learn the basics motion and we used that to advance to what we know today.


What made you decide to use C++?

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I generally use two websites for just about anything I need help with: - I really like this just for learning the basic syntax and concepts of C++ - This one provides a reference for the commands within vex c++ and is really helpful when dealing with what parameters are needed.

Some others:

Vex Forum :slight_smile:

There’s also some videos on transitioning from robotC to vex C++ if you had prior experience with robotC, but it uses VCS instead of VexCode - Transitioning from ROBOTC to VEX Coding Studio - Week 1 - YouTube

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That’s the command reference for VCS c++; the version used in VEXcode V5 text is very similar but there are some slight differences.

The API reference for VEXcoe V5 text is located at


The lack of options when we started with V5 and c++ has a lot of resources since it isn’t a new language