Any build ideas?

if any one hasANYbuild ideas, PLEASE write ideas or build them on modified MLcad if you have it!:confused:

As it has been said a million times before…

search the forum and the image gallery for robot designs.

why dont your try doing some of the challenges posted on the forums (vex zip line, tower race, terrain 4WD, and theres more) or you can build a robot for the FTC

To really decide what we can tell you to build it would be helpful to know how many starter kits, what kind (VEXplorer/regular kit), and what other accessories you own.

what is the site for the zipline?

I have a few extra motors\servo’s, reg. starter kit, reg. gear kit, bumps, limits, tank treads, and some erector set parts that fit.

the site for the zip line is my site at you can find the files on this forum or email me (says on my site) for the rules and stuff

That’d be super awesome if VexLabs posted a software to make building instructions, like in the manual.

well i think anyone who posts pics of their robot should post tons of them so people can rebuild their robot (inless they want to keep design methods a secret):wink:

We do all the modeling for our instructions in SolidWorks. By using the resources at you can create manuals similar to the ones we do.

I have the reg. starter kit, some extra motors and servos, tank tread kit, gear kit, wheel kit, programing kit, and that’s about it.

Sometimes I just get so excited I build a robot, then destroy it making another one. This results in me not making any CAD designs.

Um just a question. When I bought VEXplorer, I got the SolidWorks dvd. Is there any way that I can get it to work with Windows Vista???

run solidworks as an admin and make sure to run it in compatibily mode for win XP SP2

i think that should work, check their website for updates