Any chance for a linux port of vexcode?

I use a gnu/linux operating system on my home pc and vexcode v5 just plain doesn’t run when using a windows compatibility layer. Wouldn’t be a far shot considering v5 blocks is already on chrome os which is linux based.


I don’t know about Vexcode V5. However PROS and RobotMesh should work on Linux.


Developing for Chrome OS and a more conventional Linux environment are not as similar as you probably think.

With that said, I do not think a Linux port would be too difficult given the underlying platform on which VEXcode is based.


+1 for a Linux version of VEXcode.


It depends on what parts of VEXCode you care about.

I haven’t really tried, but would expect it to be easy to port the VEXcode build system over to Linux yourself. You could then use any editor you like to edit your code. You’ll miss blocks (I hope not) and the ability to upload. This last, but important piece in the puzzle might be covered by coaxing the prosv5 CLI utilities to handle the uploads for you. But at that point, you might be better of switching to PROS altogether (unless you need to stay compatible with other programmers on your team).

(Disclaimer: I am a Linux “user” since 1995)


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