Any Chance of Extending Awards Deadline

3 of our teams qualified for worlds at the CA State Championships on March 15-16th. We received our invites to attend worlds on March 18th. Unfortunately we were unaware that all awards required an online submission due by April 1st. We were so wrapped up in getting funding and debriefing from state championships that we had no idea of these award requirements.

Is there any way this deadline could be extended allowing teams who qualified later than most, an opportunity to compete for these awards? Thank you for your consideration.

The majority of awards presented at The VEX World Championship are not presubmitted and are still available to teams that have missed the April 1st deadline. It is not possible to extend the Presubmitted Awards deadline for individual teams. The deadline is in place to allow judges time to review the materials prior to the Championship.

Thanks for the response. Out of curiosity, is this a relatively new process? We have attended worlds every year and while I know the process for the Excellence Award has changed over the years, I/we were unaware of many of the other awards going to an online submission format.

In addition, was there any kind of announcement letting teams know of these changes? To be perfectly honest we focused so much on trying to qualify for worlds that we may have missed it. We weren’t overly concerned with these awards until we knew we qualified. Thank you.

Presubmitting awards at the World Championship is not a new process. The presubmission of Awards began with the 2011 World Championship. The World Championship Event page in Robot Events had the link to sign up for presubmitted awards under the General Information tab. The page was modified after the April 1st deadline passed and now shows the list of awards being presented.