Any Constructive Criticism of Our Bot? (roasting it is fine too)

Hey, my team has a couple of competitions coming up so I’m curious what others think of our bot. The video is a of our best skills run. If there is any obvious mistakes, quick fixes, or major problems with our bot feel free to let me know. If you would like some elaboration on our bot or need to see more of it I can send pictures and/or explain some things. Thanks in advance for any ideas.


Maybe a way for them to come out the back so you don’t need to turn to unload. A color sensor to see if you should unload the current ball out the back with a button override if you want to put the other color in for whatever reason

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A pooper bot is something I definitely want to try. Our team has been currently working on an indexer that might work for pooping the balls.

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  1. Try to improve your weight distribution, there’s no need to have anti-tips in this game. Eliminate weight where possible and distribute it evenly, especially on higher parts of the robot (I noticed there’s a 5-wide c-channel on your hood from instance, perhaps try a lighter material that would also maintain the shape of the hood?)

  2. I noticed there’s a back set of rollers on your robot, however they seem redundant as they don’t allow for ball ejection. To increase your cycle speed, I would recommend that you power the front set of rollers with two motors, and line the area behind the balls with some sort of backing (plastic, anti slip mat, rubber bands, etc.)

  3. Your flywheel roller seems to be quite fast, which is good, but all of that momentum is directed straight into the backboard on the goal. This is sub-optimal since the ball will often catch on the rim of the goal, preventing you from depositing multiple balls in quick succession. I would suggest either a portable backboard or a 360 degree hood to direct the balls properly into the goal opening.


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll try to talk with my team about it

Speed up the intakes. The balls slow down a noticeable amount when you intake compared to when you get the ball to the rollers. It should also slightly help fielding issues that you’re encountering. To address the fielding it’s quite simply driver practice that you could additionally work on but everyone needs more of that :slight_smile:


Overall I feel you need to fix the fact that you have anti tips. But I would say if you practice driving a lot more thst could offset some problems with the robot

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No offense, but you guys need to work on your driving and planning. Take the first 4 seconds as an example. You fail to pick up 2 balls. You could defiantly improve your run by picking them up or starting facing the goal.


Arguably you don’t need the ejector (pooper), but you would need to plan out your blue ball ejection better. You guys sometimes eject a blue ball only to have it bounce right back into your intakes or other inconvenient spot, which defeats the purpose of ejecting it.

I second the suggestions that you shouldn’t need anti-tips. In particular you could considering moving the battery, which is high up on the bot and fairly hefty.