Any errors with my program

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Whats the problem with the program

Add a " } " to close the else bracket.

this is two photos that back on each others

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Given that you’re posting here, I’m assuming that it doesn’t do what you want it to do, so if you tell us what you were trying to achieve and what it’s doing instead, we might be able to help.

this is how it looks in the program

add bracket here and it should run.Capture_LI

our arm doesnt lift
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If you are operating the arm motors via controller 2 joystick, you should not have them stopped in your button code (delete references to arm motors in else .stop section).

Left arm and right arm are both set to rev on bottom and top; is this correct? Looking at your setup, maybe one side needs to be fwd and one side rev? I would pull the motors off the axles and do some tests for direction and check code without arms attached…

I think you have build problems also (I know those are being addressed in another thread - you probably should have just made 1 thread). For one thing, setting the motors at different ratios top and bottom all trying to run the same arms will cause issues (and it looks like maybe top and bottom sections are working against each other?). For another, v5 has plenty of power to run this (with claw) on 2 motors so you shouldn’t need 4…


Where working on taking off the top motors

First up is to make sure of your diagnosis. Have you connected motors without loads to those ports and verified that motors on those ports are or aren’t being driven?

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Hey, just want to thank you for all our help we put rubber bands on and took of the motors and it works beutifully thanks for all you help! :grinning:

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