Any extra V5 motors?

Good morning teams,

 I am the mentor of Team 785A - Immortalis from Pathfinder Regional Voc. Tech in Palmer, MA. My team has been struggling with acquiring our V5 motors that we requested 5 months ago. (I'm sure some of you feel our pain as well.) Regardless, We have several motors on order but none to utilize currently and wanted to reach out to other teams who may have extra V5 smart motors available. We are willing to pay $45.00 for each motor. If any teams in Massachusetts are reading this, we would greatly appreciate your help. Additionally, if there is anything we can assist you with we would be more than willing to help out! We appreciate all teams who take the time to read this. Good luck to all of you and we hope you have a successful rest of the season!


Mr. Kyle Lussier
Team 785 - Team mentor
Pathfinder Robotics Instructor
Pathfinder Regional Voc. Tech High School