Any good diyable boxes

Hello my team is looking for a cheap easy way to make a usable robotics crate

By robotics crate do you mean the crate that holds the robotics parts or the robot?
Robotics parts: any plastic box large enough to hold all the parts you want to take with you to the competition will do.
Robot: it needs to be 11"x15"x20" right? any box that size would do well. If you don’t have a box that big, maybe get a couple of boxes that fit at least 2 of the size constraints and tape them together to create a larger box that big?

I hope that helped! :grinning:

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I mean something I can store my own robot for competition

I mean, if you have a saw, a hammer/screwdriver (I would recommend using screws, but to each their own), and some nails/screws, you could go get some pine boards next time you are out and make yourself a custom, lightweight crate.

make sure all the spare space is used up with foam so the robot can’t fall around and try to add some metal bracing to the corners and edges so the box doesn’t deform


Caster wheels are also nice so you can roll around your robot instead of carrying it to ever match.

Given those dimensions it seems likely you can fit a box of tools + your robot in these from robosource

Sometimes a nice box is worth it.

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I managed to find a decently sized second-hand flight case. I also bought myself some high density foam sheets to fill out excess space.

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glad to hear it! I hope it works out for you!

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