Any good idea for a stacker?

I am looking for a good stacker idea since i am having trouble finding an idea for a stacker right now.

like a traybot?
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So basically a way to make stacks of cubes right? There are many ways, the easiest is the claw, and then there’s the tray and and DR4B, you can watch videos on Youtube, to find ideas.

I’d honestly suggest a simple traybot, it’s not too complicated and you can look at 448x’s video like everyone else has. it’s also should be a pretty reliable robot and then you can add on later.

I think that the 448X traybot is complex, since it has an arm which lifts into towers, however a simple tray would require a mechanism which moves the intake rollers out of the way, which can be a hassle when dropping cubes. I think a better way would be to just make a complex tray, since it comes with the added bonus of being able to score in towers.

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Yeah you actually got a point tbh I just haven’t seen a simple traybot video so I just went with 448x

It doesn’t need to move them out the way but I don’t want to explain things cuz I’m tired. Constructive post I know


One thing that I think you should consider, since our team didn’t consider it and paid the price, is the width of your robot. With a wide complex traybot, our team has problems stacking two stacks in the big goal zone. Really any design is fine, and they all work well if built correctly.


Youtube is your friend. You can find multiple sources and robot reveals up to help gather ideas and potential strategies for this year’s game. Another great tip would be to jump back a few years and see if prior games had any striking similarities (In The Zone with their specified goal zones, Skyrise with cube-shaped lifting objects, Starstruck with large and sturdy antitips, etc). You would be surprised just how many unique and usable ideas there are from prior games. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: