Any good ideas for block holders(specifically for the end of rev. 4-bar)?

any ideas, anything unique?

@Abraxas, there are many other topics that delve into the specifics of various robot designs, ill link them here:

to summarize, there are two main schools of thought regarding lift bots (which I assume you are talking about as you mentioned a DR4B in your title):

Tubes/Vertical Release
They either use rollers or some sort of passive mechanism to suck in cubes from the top. They hold the cubes in some sort of chamber until they are released by spinning the rollers backward and lifting up, releasing the cubes out from the bottom.

Claws/Horizontal Release
Using a more open design, claws can grab from the side of a cube, then stack on top of other cubes. This is a little bit slower, and leaves the front of the robot open for cubes to potentially fall out. But, they do have the advantage of horizontal release, which means you don’t need to lift up to release the cubes, thus increasing your potential maximum stack.

A combination of the strengths of these two bots are ideal, with the cycle time and cube control of a tube, while utilizing the horizontal release of a claw. I have only seen very few designs that attempt to do this, but I believe it is still unexplored territory. Hope this helps, and good luck, message me if you have any other specific questions.


Our design is like this
Hope that helps!


For the end of a dr4b? Tilting tube intake.

That’s interesting to me that you say that there are two main styles since our design is both at once.

Yeah, that’s why I said some teams (but very few proportionally) have combined the two designs. I’m actually quite interested in how you pulled yours off, do you use passive latches to pick up the cubes vertically?