Any good improvised field perimeter designs?

So I’ve got a robot built and driver control set up, and I’d love to start on an auton. Only problem is that I’m not willing to drop $1500 on a field perimeter, tiles, game pieces, etc. Does anyone have a decent design for a field perimeter? Also, I’ll just be using it to code and practice driver skills, not for a competition.

We’ve pretty much always used wood when we didn’t have access to a field perimeter. Sometimes that was easier to put together than the actual wall :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks @pietrofesar i’ll probably use this.

From what I’ve heard, the one from the vex instructions posted above is pretty bad, so if you want something sturdy build it out of wood. Using 2x12 lumber, you can probably build one for less money that is significantly stronger.

In this video-

You can see how we did our field, I think the whole perimeter was about $100~.

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