Any good reads?

I’ve been browsing through the forums and researching for a while. I’m running dry on subjects to study. Anyone know any interesting engineering/robotics related stuff which can help in competition?

I’ve studied
-Drivetrains (including swerve, projext, etc.)
-Lifts (including peaucellier, combination lifts, boom lifts, etc.)
-Gearing mechanics (including properties of planetary, harmonic, worm, etc.)
-Chain and sprockets
-Power take off systems
-Degrees of freedom + joints/linkages
-Simple Machines
-Robot C for vex and ftc
-past games (including robots, strategy, history, game dimensions)
-leadership and teaching techniques
-friction, moment of inertia, and other physics concepts like torque, momentum, etc.
-CAD (inventor)
-basic material physics + concepts (young’s, bulks, shears, modulus + torsion)
-vex curriculum
-matrices, vectors, cosine/sine laws
-elastic properties/formulas
-basic electricity

Perhaps modern robotics and current technology? Has some good articles to read along those lines.

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Your list looks really good.

Are you looking to stay within Vex competition robotics or expand out beyond that? Recommend the following additions:

  1. Programming for exact position management - translational plus rotational management. Get deeper into kinematics. Looks like vamfun is looking at this too on his blog
  2. Path analysis based upon the world around you
  3. Bump detection and optimal path to get around things automatically
  4. SLAM - map the world in limited memory on the Cortex!
  5. Arduino integration to a world of new sensors and connecting mutliple robots via serial connections (leads to many other things on Arduino)
  6. Animations in CAD
  7. Holonomic drives with field reference control (using a gyro)

I also did not think I saw programming of control algorithms in your list. I am assumig you have this given the other items in there.

a lot of these are a bit too complex for competition, but i’ll check occassionally for updates:)

This was what i needed:D studying long hours put me in a gloomy mood, but this gave me a big grin.

man, i must be so uptight. i only remembered the strategy, mediumdave making a clone, racket gears, i think 15:1 or 7:1 on the lift system, pneumatic controlled splitting, and a lot of tabor interaction. I think i first heard about this robot when i saw a photo of scored objects on facebook. I should reread it then:p

For now vex, robofest, and first competitions. When i graduate from high school i’ll probably add on something complicated like the mining bots and submarine bots i’ve heard of. But fun fact, I’m actually pretty bad at programming. I know enough to run a robot and use sensors. I probably have a firm enough grasp to prevent overheating and make holonomics. I’m really slow though, my code often has syntax or symbol errrors. I’ll probably slog through toggling lift heights. Other people on my team have a firmer grasp so i never really had the motive to learn more individually. So i guess i’ll just tackle more code for now.

Actually you’ve reminded me about CAD animations, i’ve wanted to do that for a while.:wink:

On the side note, we might as well make this a thread for research purposes. have a nice collaboration of links to cool and useful stuff

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