Any good resources for coding beginners

Hi, we have started programming, and our team would like to know if there are any decent resources for coding beginners that aren’t videos? We are using VEXcode Pro V5 to code. Our robot template is the Crunchbot.

Thank you!

There’s a lot of resources developed from the community around VEXCode (and building as well):

As an addition, you can find additional resources using the search bar of this forum.


First of all, congrats on your transition to text programming! Its a lot more versatile then blocks.
I would recommend this forum as well as using the api.
link to api:
The api has a bunch of stuff that helps you navigate through all of the functions in VEXcode not specific to C++. Its also super useful in telling what inputs basic functions have.

VEXcode Pro V5 also has a bunch of really useful example programs that you could use.

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