Any good robot ideas for Highrise?

We have a class competition in our robotics class and we could really use some help, looking to get an advantage over the other teams.

Check out youtube for robot reveals. The best place to see what works and what doesnt.

I guess I am more or less looking for the instructions to build the bot more than anything

Those don’t exist :slight_smile: the closest you’ll get are looking at reveals

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Wait, Highrise?! Wasn’t that in like 2015 or something? The newest VEXIQ game is Squared Away.

It wasn’t high rise it was skyrise lol.
:sob: I missed it by one year.

But Highrise was during the same years of Skyrise, was it not?

Oh this is Vex Iq


Where can i find reveals?

  1. Go on
  2. Search “VEX IQ Squared Away”
  3. Profit
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what @Connor meant to say was


OK, here is the thing, we can code decently but we need some instructions on how to make a beast robot if that is possible, what im saying is building a robot is not my niche, im kind of robot stupid

just try it and some people here can help guide you but there are only instructions for basic bots so try it n your own it or do something simpler
but we can help if u have a specific question on how something works to help u reverse engineer
link/post the bot u wanna build and we can explain how to build it but there are no instructions