Any help to start a team which needs funding

I am hoping to start a new team, separate from my school’s team. As a side project to involve students from other schools. I am currently the fund raising and outreach coordinator so I understand how to get help once I get the ideas of where to go or who to ask. If anyone has any ideas or would like to help me, please message me. We will be located in the metro Atlanta area and if you are interested in joining the team please message me as well. We have seen that registration is still open and will be for a little while, the GA competition is not until Feb, which gives us enough time. We already have the parts we need save a tank tread kit. Right now we are mostly hoping to get a few more interested and dedicated members and finical support for a new team to register with First and at the competitions.
If anyone could give my mentors and I an asstiance we would greatly apperciate it.

Get a sponsor that works in the field of robotics! It’s a great way to get the money that you need, advertising they need, and learn more about robotics than you ever thought you could!


Especially if you already have the parts you need, 5 or 6 students can often ask their parents to pick up a significant part of the expense. I am a parent and I don’t even want to know how much I pay for dance lessons, trombone rental, lacrosse equipment, Boy Scouts, and all the other activities my children get into.

Paying for a season of robotics would probably be a bargain compared to some of those other activities. And… when college bills start to loom large, if my children get scholarships through FIRST, I’ll recoup any robotics expenses many times over.

I know $500 to register and enter a typical state/regional FTC Championship tournament is not walking around money for most of us, but it’s not an astronomical amount either. Talk to parents, relatives, any and all local businesses (bank charters often require contributions to their communities), church groups, etc. Instead of looking for one source for $500, find 25 places/people that can contribute $20 apiece.


the idea of banks is a great idea that we hadn’t thought of. Thanks, I’ll have to go our soon, but it’s tough that it’s right at Christmas time and it’s hit and miss. Thanks for your advice.