Any Ideas for three motor drives

Has anyone ever won a competition using three motor drives or is any one here using a three motor drive. If so I would really like some ideas on how to build them so that there’s an even distribution of power.

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Typically a three motor drive uses its third motor to strafe - see h drives

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4142B has won numerous competitions this season with a three motor drive so far. There are a few others from past seasons that performed well with three motor drives too. From what I’ve seen, people use the third motor as either a strafe for an h-drive, or a straight line booster, which is a third wheel in the middle that increases acceleration when going in a straight line.


they’re 5 for 5 in Tournament Champions.

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H-drive always comes to mind, if you want to get creative you can also make a kiwi drive, another strafing drive. Something easy is you can place it in the center of your bot and have it powered when moving forward or backward but stays off when turning. Not the best way in my opinion, but it’s quick and easy.

@sarah_97963A has a 3 motor without strafe (I think) and their bot is OP

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Would putting a blue cartridge in the strafe motor be a good idea? Its a little bit of shove reduction but you can strafe faster.

no. It’s working by itself to propel the drive in that direction, so the acceleration on 200rpm is horrendous.

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Making a center wheel with V5 is really easy. The center wheel just moves at the average speed of the 2 sides of the drive. (Left motor goes 200, right motor goes 0, middle goes 100 etc.)

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How can I program the joysticks(tankdrive)?

Just power the middle wheel with an average of the joysticks.

That’s interesting but how is it going to be mounted would it interfere with the tray?

what i did was use a 2.75 wheel with a green cartridge. has some torque but you still add a little bit of speed, and it is easier spacewise

I have doubts about 3 motor drives. They need extra wheel, add complexity, and have hard time pushing 4 motor defense robots. It is better to do 4 motor drives.

There is a topic in which many have dicussed ways to use 3 a 3 motor drive

Someone I know did something like this… (NOT AT ALL TO SCALE) made it in about a minute with Microsoft onenote.

(the front wheels are chained with the back wheels for power)



Does the center wheel have to be in dead center of the base to work?
And how can I program tank drive for this wheel set up?

I use that type of design on my robot and I have my middle wheel in the back of the robot. It doesn’t effect performance (that I noticed). My code has the middle wheel set to an average of the left and right joystick value so it’s (right joystick value + left joystick value) / 2. I can show you my code if you are confused.

It can be in the back or front but if it is shifted right or left you have to power it to account for when the robot rotates, which you’ll want to avoid

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Adding on to @Deicer, make sure that you have the center wheel on the same plane. This is a major problem for many teams, as the middle wheel is slightly higher or lower than the other 4 or 6 wheels, causing it to render practically worthless.