Any Ideas on how to have the end game sting to stop clumping up mid way through the air

Pretty much the title I’m having trouble with my end game is there any way to position the string to fire correctly. My end game is a catapult design that is released from a numatic.

We’ll need some pictures/video to even begin to suggest advice.

btw: “numatic” is spelled “pneumatic cylinder”, or you can call it an “air cylinder” if you don’t want to write out “pneumatic”.

As for string tangling, you’ll probably need to experiment with various ways of winding it up so to deploys smoothly.


You may want to change the tag for this to be VEX EDR. You will get more people viewing this that will be able to help you.


You could possibly look at how climbing ropes are wound up, they are meant to be tossed off the edge of cliffs and ledges without knotting or clumping up.

In my experience, thicker string clumps up less thab thinner string does, you just need to find a happy medium to where its still light, but thick enough not to be a pain to deal with