Any Ideas on how to increase traction on wheels?

Hey my robot has a 6 wheel chassis two sets of Omni wheels in the front and one set of traction wheels in the back. The problem is in turning point I want to be able to climb to the top efficiently and consistently but right now it’s not happening. We’re a flywheel bot that is front heavy but not terribly. Literally anything is helpful thanks for the help.
I would love to just put a last set of Omnis on but we had to split them with the other teams so there’s none left. Also I originally had the other set of omnis in the back and the traction’s in the back but I switched the up to see what would happen. Again anything is appreciated.

Could you post some pictures of your drive base? If we can see what your chassis looks like it will be way easier to help you.

Picture would help - could you not do four omni - chain front and rear and have the chain help act as the middle set of wheels to climb?

On our robot, we have a six-wheel drive, with 2 Omnis in the front 2 traction wheels in the middle and 2 more Omnis in the back and we get on the platforms no problem. The last competition we went to nobody could push us off the center platform. Our robot is primarily made with aluminum and has a small 4 bar lift on the front with a somewhat bulky hand.

you can put screws in the small wheels in the omni wheels to get traction, it helps defend from sideways pushing a lot better than traction wheels.

put the traction wheels in the middle, and make sure your wheels are spaced out enough to avoid bottoming out.

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Picture would help - could you not do four omni - chain front and rear and have the chain help act as the middle set of wheels to climb?

Most definitely put the traction wheels in the middle - they will have less traction because of the material they are made of compared to the omni wheels, also the omni wheels have a slightly larger diameter.

Your turns will work better as you will spin around the center of the robot vs skid with sliding wheels in front. This will help when on the platforms - otherwise it may be harder to keep on the platform while moving around…

you can also put the traction wheels up front to make it easier to aim

good point! I was focused on the parking at the end where a wide chassis can be problematic.

In addition to easier aiming, you will have an easier time getting balls into the intake.

Making your robot heavier can also increase grip, and also purchasing upgraded traction tires can make a huge difference!

Locked omniscient are also a good option. They tend to have more traction than the basic traction wheels in my experience.

For sure, definitely worth it if you have extra omni wheels and half inch screws. Another common name for these wheels are “bling wheels”

FWIW we’ve doubled a rubber band, wrapped it across the tread and twist-tied it between the rim spokes.

IDK if this is legal but it sure seems to help