Any info about the VRC competition?

I am in 9th grade, from Egypt, and here you can’t join the VEX IQ competiton after 9th grade, however I’ve heard about a competition for the highschool students called VRC, does anyone know anything about it? Like, will I need to take courses to join it, or is my experience from the previous vex competitions enough? Sorry if this isn’t allowed here btw!


The VRC (Vex Robotics Competition) uses the EDR set rather than the IQ for the VIQ that you are familiar with.
There are no requirements to join a team or make one of your own given you are in the right age bracket (Which you are). Here’s the ‘current’ competition video, the new one for the upcoming school year is expected to be revealed within the next month.

EDR is definitely a step up from IQ and looks pretty daunting, but it is a switch that tons of newcomers make every year, so don’t be afraid to give it a shot.


Yes. I agree with @Deicer. I don’t know much about VIQ, but I started in the VRC program. This year was my second year and I am sad that I only have 2 more years of competing left. It is a great system and gives the users a new challenge when it comes to designing and building. Every year is different and every year brings a new challenge.

Welcome and good luck!


No, it’s totally allowed! You don’t necessarily need to take courses, as some of the concepts from IQ transfer over to VRC. Sure, there are different games, more motors and sensors, different building materials, and totally different competitions (they are done differently than IQ in VRC). It may seem daunting, as Delcier said, but a lot of people make the switch. Since you said that you are located in Egypt, here is a list of all the teams that competed in this season’s VRC Championship:

(Here is the link to the robot events website: It seems like only MS and HS excellence qualify VRC teams for the World Championship in your region. If your High School already has a team, then I would get in contact with the coach to talk about potentially joining that team. If not, try to set on up at your school or with some of your friends.


You can join VRC whenever you want, even if you never did VIQ. The main difference that was really hard for me to get over was the fact that you have an alliance and an opposing alliance. And the field is also 12x12 and metal with foam tiles, your robots are so much bigger, your match times are longer, and your team will most likely be different whether you have the same people or not because there are so many more roles for people to fill. Also, I would say that high school is a lot harder than middle school VRC would’ve been had you taken it because there are so many more teams. Just be prepared for the large event sizes and how much more seriously people take it. I hope you have a really good first year in VRC, I think you’ll love it!


Not whenever u want…

Iq is for elementary through ms while vrc is for ms through hs

actually, iq is ONLY elementary and vrc is middle school and high school.

Did it change? Ik as a fact that middle schoolers can do iq

Edit: It didn’t


That’s news to me. :cold_sweat:


Holly cow my dudes drow is here!

sorry. i didn’t realize that middle school can do both.

I heard that iq is only for elementary kids from one of my former classmates. I guess i should have looked into it more before I posted something like that here. I also should have remembered that @bushralbbh was coming from middle school and going into high school.

sorry guys!

To the extent of my knowledge, Technically, theres only a maximum allowed age, but no minimum allowed age.
Meaning you could do edr as a kindergartner if you wanted to :wink:


I’ve seen elementary schoolers drive for high school teams legally at comps so ya it’s allowed


18 years of vex seems like you’d be a veteran by the end of it. In fact I think i would have been able to compete in bridge battle or even when vex was part of First. Anyone down for hanging around.


iq is middle schools and elementary. VRC is Middle school and high school and beyond. As I started IQ in middle school

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wait, so you can compete after high school?

Yes, there is a part of VRC called VexU, where Vex teams from Universities compete against each other with altered rules.


bruh. that be sweet man! i am totally gonna make sure to go to a college that has vexU.

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Well kinda.
VIQ - Elementary/Middle School
VRC - Middle School / High School
------------------------------------------Both Share the Same Game Type
VexU - University / College Level /