Any info about the VRC competition?

yeah same here
20char 20char 20char

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Each team builds 2 robots (one 24 inch cube and another 15 inch cube). Infinite motors (not really as there are software limits), 3D printed parts, unlimited use of steel and aluminum, unlimited amounts of non-shattering plastic, etc. They also get a longer auton period and robot skills is with both robots (this is why VEXU skills score are higher than VRC skills scores


I have been around since before it was the First VEX Challenge.


Breaking News: DRow was spotted reading a random topic on vexforums and making a humorous comment without posing animated memes!

What’s next? A water game?

Water game confirmed!


And if a college you want to go to doesn’t already have a VexU team, you can actually start your own, if you should feel the urge.

they’ll let me do that? what if im a freshman? would i have enough authority to do that?

Almost certainly! Most universities will let any student start a student organization if you get a few people together and fill out the right forms.


huh. thanks @holbrook!

When MIT makes a vex u team

The skills challenge scores are really dependent on the rules of the season. This year is the first year teams have been able to use both robots on the field for skills in a while.

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