Any Interest in a January Washington DC Tournament?

Hi All,

The Washington DC/Northern Virginia (NOVA) region currently has no tournaments scheduled in January. We had planned to travel quite a ways to attend one event (and may still do so).

It occurs to me, however, that there might be interest from other teams in attending a local tournament during that period. If so, we might be able to host an event for up to 50 teams (including ours) on 1/22. The location would be in McLean, VA (about 10 minutes from DC or 5 minutes from the Beltway near Tyson’s corner). The entry fee would be minimal ($25 or less).

If there is interest, please respond here with an indication of the number of teams and the level of certainty of your commitment.

In the past, we’ve enjoyed competing with the teams in Rick Tyler’s neighborhood and would certainly welcome the chance to host any of you that might want to venture to our neck of the woods.

Based upon the feedback here, we will make a firm decision by the end of next week (12/3).

We are doing events on
22 Jan - Dockbots’11 - 24 mixed
12 Feb - Souderton VEX - 24 mixed
6 March - Westminster VEX (MS division)
19 March - Downingtown Eastern PA Regional (two 24 team events)

We are concerned about having our MS kids play against MS kids. So if there is a chance to do that we will. Having their robot’s brains beat out by HS teams isn’t what I want to do.

BUT I love DC in the ice!



I doubt we will have a MS division, but if there is MS interest from other teams, please let me know.

My sense is that having to occasionally compete against the HS teams just makes the MS teams that much stronger. So, you could also look at it another way: experience.

The DockBots event on 1/22 is filled–it’s also a couple hours from DC :slight_smile:

Alittle off-topic but…

The Jan 15th tournament in Dumfries (just south of DC and right off of I-95) is an open tournament for Middle School teams. I expect a ton of MS teams from the 17 or so middle schools in Pr Wm County (and the independent cities therein) will sign up to participate - It should be a good diverse collection of teams.

You will see many of them again at the VMAC.


Bill - I suspect that we would sign up for one or two spots. - Blake

Don’t forget that there will be an event in Richmond on 2/5. Hopefully there will be enough interest to play divisions!

Woodbridge High would love to come and we’ll bring three teams. -Carlos


Depending on the date selected and our team member availability, we would consider bringing 1 to 3 teams.

Dave Franc

A month later (Feb 19) there is a MS/HS and also a College competition at the annual BEYA conference. BEYA is celebrating the 25th year with a move to DC (from Baltimore.) Vendors, workshops for students and great networking. Contact Miller with any questions.