Any new VEX IQ teams out there?

Hey! Are you part of a new VEX IQ team? Tell us about yourselves…

Just curious to know how many new teams are forming this season, or how many teams are out there in general. It would be nice if there were some type of directory. Last year we had one team at our school (3333P Notre Dame-Marist Academy Elementary in Pontiac Michigan) and this year we will have at least 4. We are hoping that there will be many other new teams in Michigan and elsewhere to compete with.

We do expect growing interest in the exciting VEX IQ Challenge, with many new teams, including the additional ones at your school, starting this season. For team and event information in your region, please contact your Regional Support Manager on this site: Thank you for your support!

If you are new please use this post to say hello. We would love to hear from you!

6 teams new this year. Mountain Brook Junior High… Mountain Brook, AL. Team # 31337

Have a look at You can look at teams and events in your region although it is not completely accurate; our vex IQ , 3204A, SPC Bots Poppo, team shows up on the map but our vex teams do not?!

I just recently volunteered to be a Coach for Ridge Elementary in Ridge MD. Looking forward to helping some 4th graders achieve their dreams.

I am coach for Colegio Adianez (Team 7008). Last season we only had 1 elementary school and we finished finalist at the worlds. Since one of the kids passed to middle school, we recruited some of his friends that had competed with him on FLL events, and they are forming a middle school team. So for this season we will have 1 elementary school team and 1 middle school team. Let’s see if we can manage to qualify both teams for the worlds.

I understand this post is dated but I just joined the forum. Here in the Traverse City, MI area we are about to start our second season of the year. Last season we had 14 teams in the area and this upcoming season I believe it will be closer to 20.

Good to hear from you! I hope we can meet you and your teams at the state championship at Cranbrook in February.

I forgot about that map. Nice.

Last year I coached one team that finished 9th in the elementary division at the World Championship. This year, we have five middle school teams, and I’m hoping two will be strong enough to advance to the W.C.


Up to 32 teams in Traverse City, MI area now. There has been a lot of growth and support here. This is just the elementary school kids, I believe the middle school teams are regular Vex robots.

Hey we are a new team from ontario called The PiThons. We only have 11 teams in ontario to compete against and we only have 14 teams to compete against in canada and 10 of those are 1 program (Pace). We are hoping to make it to worlds and see all of you. Thx

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