Any other good robotics homeschooling assignments for teachers to give? I posted one the other day but that's only for 10 days. I'm looking for something to have my kids do after that

This was the link for the assignment on teachers pay teachers that I posted the other day.

Wondering what other people are doing since it looks like we will go way past 10 days. Thanks!

I’m a bit confused by your question. Could you possibly elaborate?

Regarding what? Robotics or something else?

I’m looking for more robotics related assignments that can be done online. Thanks!

Robotics in particular. What makes it trick is that it has to be somewhat simple since it will be done at home without my supervision,

CAD would be great. Also learning PID/odometry for programmers,.

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Have the students create their own game and have them use CAD to create their game field with elements.

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Just this morning I got an email from Robot Mesh about the soft launch of their new Virtual Robotics Academy, which is free until the end of April. Right now it is only IQ, but they said that V5 will be coming soon.

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If the kids have a V5 or IQ kit they could work through VEX’s STEM labs:

It really depends if you want a program that does not relate to VEX then use a program called white-box learning its a lot of fun has lots of different types of projects like a solar powered car, CO2 race-cars, rocket-ships, gilders, and some other things.
If you want something related to VEX then you should check out robot mesh because it has VRC and IQ projects that you can use but it might not be as fun as white-box learning

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