Any ramp luck?

Does anyone have some successful shopping carts that can get up the ramp with 4 mogos easy and fast?

I don’t know of any teams in south Florida that can hold two goals and go on the platform as a real strategy, and I’ve only seen a couple who can hold more than five goals. Theoretically speaking though, if you stacked them inside your robot and then held them outside, it might not be that hard…

I currently don’t have any shopping carts as reference, but it would be beneficial if you could elaborate on your issue here.
I’m going to assume that you are struggling with parking and need help.
So, first of all, how’s your drivetrain look?
How many motors? What cartridges? What gearing?

Some clarification and specific details would be very beneficial to the forum in order to get accurate and helpful answers :slight_smile:

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Our team robot has a six motor drive and can’t get up the platform (motors are regulars btw)

You say you can’t get up the platform. Is that with or without mobile goals? And if you can carry them, how many can you climb with?

What kind of wheels. I would suggest omnis in the back, and traction in the front and middle (If there is a middle wheel).

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Six motor drive and still can’t get up? What r ur gear ratios + bot features

Do you have enough ground clearance to get onto the platform? If you have a 6 motor drive I highly doubt its an issue with power/torque. Make sure that when you are climbing the platform you aren’t scraping the ground as you try to get on it, or running into the platform preventing you from getting on it.

I know these drawings are bad but they are just to give you an idea of what im talking about

This will make it so you cant climb:

This will allow you to actually get onto the platform:


Try to put rubber bands on your wheels because that really helped me and try to clean your wheels to try to get and dirt off your wheels and that should help grip the platform a little better.

This one can:
63303V Tipping Point Reveal

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or cutting a small angle in the front, to give clearance.


I was mostly just giving examples of what might be happening that would stop them from being able to get on instead of offering solutions but thank you for posting this, I should have mentioned more solutions.

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