Any recommendations for 3 motor bot that can intake/outake discs?

I am looking to built a 3 motor bot that is able to intake discs and outake them into the low goal, for a school challenge. It is not allowed to be a pushbot, though. Any tips?

I was originally thinking to make a catapult bot, but was not able to come up with a way to do that with just the 3 motors, since 2 would be on drive, and 1 on intake. I also didn’t think a 1 motor drive would be possible, unless I made a sort of zigzag type drive with omni wheel and a 1:1 gear ratio, but that likely wouldn’t do me any good. Really, any sort of design idea where the disc goes in, then falls out of the bot after a few seconds (giving me enough time to get to the low goal) would work, but the more efficient, the better.

This is extremely unfortunate, but I wouldn’t suggest having something that can just go for intaking and outaking into the low goal (1 point each), but something that can also be used to get the rollers (10 points per). If you don’t have the parts to have something that can do both of those tasks using one motor, then I would suggest prioritizing getting those rollers because they’re, as I said earlier, 10 points each. If you aren’t allowed to do this, then I would suggest doing something small and simple using treads or chain or whatever can be used to intake and/or outake discs. I have seen a simple design that uses 3 motors total (i believe), it had the drive motors, and then one motor dedicated to a simple intake that would put discs into a small “storage”, which was actually just the area that wasn’t the wheels in the base.

ohh no no. i do not need rollers. let me clarify; this is a mini competition that some people and i on my team are doing. the entire goal of it is to basically ONLY intake and outake with three motors, no rollers. we have an actual bot for official competition, this is just a little something extra.

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Maybe a 2 motor drive and disco style intake but with 1 motor chained together

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What about a 2 motor drive chained to the intake, so that the intake is running all the time. Then use one motor to tip the disks out at the low goal.

Since you were originally thinking catapult… this isn’t the simplest, but would be kind of cool…

2 motor drive
1 motor with a clutch

  • rotation one direction runs an intake to load a catapult
  • rotation the other way runs the slip gear on the catapult to tension and fire it.

oh fun. i used up my time during a quiz to write that paragraph lol

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High goals or or only low goals? I think it seems a little pointless to use a catapult for low goals, though it might increase speed in moving discs.

Perhaps you could use one motor catapult, and 2 motors drive, with both motors being attached to a ratchet so when you drive them forwards they power the intake— this way the two drive motors can be moving in opposite directions at different speeds (turning) and still power the intake— similar to another suggestion.

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