Any release date on the new sensors?

So I keep tabs on the Whats New Page for VEX V5 products. I see for the V5 Optical Sensor, V5 Rotation Sensor, and V5 Distance sensor it still has an availability of Q3 2020, but I’ve heard nothing about a release date. Is that release date happening anytime soon? Thanks

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Aren’t those sensors only for AI?

Nope, they are under the VRC tab on the coming soon page.

Well ok then. That changes things a little


In my experience with V5, vex keeps everything a secret up until the actual release announcement. The website announcing products and quarters is the closest thing we have to an actual release date. I suspect they do it this way after the painful V5 launch, where pushing to a set day lead to severe shortages.


And in vex fashion when they do release them there will be little to no info although at least the sensors look really useful though

This quarter ends on the 30th of September, so it will probably be in the next 2-3 weeks.

I mean the 30th or the end of the quarter is literally… next week Wednesday.