Any suggestions for 3rd party tools?

Hi, my team is looking to get our own tool set as the only tools we have are slowly going away, (just lost a really nice tool that could work with shaft collars, I miss it)
I need to know what sises I need, I know T15 but thats it, also any recommendations in general are appreciated

you need T8 for smaller star bit setscrews
i reccoment getting T handles drivers as it is easier to put force on them. I like these
T handles allot because i have 2 different heads for a few different angles.
these are also good


Robosource sells a number of tool kits containing screwdrivers of the correct size and some other handy items.


Along with tools (I recommend as well), be sure to get a good toolbox. Many of our students have the Dewalt T-stak (there’s a Craftsman clone, too) toolbox system. Keeping tools and parts organized will help keep from losing them. If you’re dealing with multiple different teams, a wrap of various colored duct tape around the handles can help keep tools with their owners.


we use Husky brand rolling tool thigies. i think home depot sells them
they are terrific. lots of organizing trays plenty of space for all robotics stuff, easy to orginize and they segment apart with carrying handles and roll nicely

my personal top 5 most useful tools:

  1. tinsnips. I almost never use a hacksaw anymore. cuts aluminum like paper. just bend the cut back into perfect shape with pliers when you’re done. great for cutting aluminum, some steel, zipties, and polycarb. not for cutting shafts though.

  2. electric screwdriver. I have this really nice gyroscopic electric screwdriver. you can swap out the bits to star or hex, and I haven’t tried but a drill bit would probably be good for drilling holes in polycarb. I use this all the time, makes screwing into nylocks super easy and fast.

  3. dremel. just an all-around useful tool. make precise clean cuts, drill holes in polycarb (and metal if you really want to), and sand down anything you can think of. great for cutting shafts and steel, as well as cutting things that are still attached to your robot.

  4. drill. just get a drill. you’ll need it if you want to drill out holes for high strength shafts. I don’t use it that much, but it’s still an essential tool.

  5. vice. isn’t having a clamp to hold your parts when you cut them way better then holding it yourself?

I’d also recommend using star drive screws over hex head. its sooo much better, the screwdrivers last for years before stripping, the screws never strip either.


+1 for husky, I found these on sale for $10 each at my local Home Depot last month:


They are great for organizing all our small parts and tools, quite sturdy and roughly half the price of equivalent organizers from name brands.


yes those
but the ones that are an entire rolling assembly
we got the top part you can buy with it and its good


In our classroom the T handles strip so easily, we have gone through 50+ in like a week