Any Suggestions

Saw this at a competition and was wondering if anybody has any tips on how to build it?
We would really appreciate any tips or suggestions that you have for our team.

Yes, don’t copy bot designs you do not understand or know how to build. Instead, work on a design you understand and know how to build and improve on it.


that is a decent robot, but if you don’t know how to copy it without help, then you probably aren’t ready for a design this complicated yet. maybe tray starting off simpler, like just a 4 bar or 6 bar instead of a dr4b.


Thank you guys my team decided on a different design. Thinking 4 or 6 bar.

Gotta be honest though, I’ve never seen a dr4b built like that


It solves some interesting problems on how to get more stability for the claw, but not so sure about main tower, even with the bracing. I would expect more sway compared to other designs. Would like to see it first hand.


I’ve seen a lot of dr4b’s in this style, not sure how its any better than the other way, but it doesn’t seem any worse either, so it’s probably up to preference. this way is much more compact I guess, but probably more floppy.


Choosing to copy a Mankato West team instead of a Mankato East team? Oof lol

Like I said earlier I apologize for posting this and my team is not coping we decided to change to a 6 bar with a much simpler claw.


Nah it’s all good lol, I was just saying that because I believe that picture was taken at the tournament at the Lutheran school, which my team was also at. Feel free to poke around with different designs and such.

Have you guys qualified for state?

Yeah, we got the design award at our tournament. We got top in skills as well, but we lost in the semi-finals due to our alliance partner (despite our warnings to them prior to the match about defensive play) going into the opposing alliance’s inner protected zone.

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