Any teams looking to sell Vex Parts

I’m Adam Heard with FRC team 973, and we’re now starting Vex team 973.

I’m personally funding the team, so I’m trying to save some money.

Any teams have extra cortex controllers (+ the remotes, etc…) they are looking to sell?

We’re also interested in pretty much everything else; metal, shafts, gears, etc…

Hopefully some of you guys have extras and are looking to sell some!


I know how it is getting a new team together, I would try going around local shops and asking them to sponsor you. You put there logos on the robot, shirts, websites and anything else.

The problem with that is we’d be poaching sponsors from ourselves (the FRC team) :smiley:

Our treasurer certainly wouldn’t be happy!

Why are you doing vex and frc?

Why not do VEX and FRC? Both have their merits and both are very good platforms for students to use skills which otherwise would not be used in class… I mean other great teams do both. 254 is one of them.

@Adam we might have some gears and other things in excess we would be willing to part with, I’ll take a look Thursday during our meeting.

That is exactly what they are doing, and is why they don’t want to steal sponsors away from their FRC team in order to fund the VRC team.

Yes, we will be continuing both. We will remain primarily an FRC team, with Vex considered integral to that process. We used to do full FRC robots in the offseason to train kids, but that required some skills as a barrier to entry (which structurally locked out the newest students). We will now use vex in that place, and I believe it will yield better results for more students. It will be a slight detriment to my most motivated students (not making an FRC bot to practice their skills), but I’m sure they’ll be fine.

Our FRC team completely funds the students cost, so budget is tight! I appreciate the offers and replies, it will all add up.

We are excited to compete in vex for the first time!


I received your message, but you have your settings not to receive messages.

I sold pretty much everything I had and gave some away, but I had a few items packed in a box that I unpacked a month ago or so. I would gladly sell them to you if you want them. I was planning on selling them anyway.

The items are:

2 Motor Controllers,
4 2.75in Dual Roller Omni Wheels,
AC Powe Adapter For Vexnet Controller,
Tank Tread Kit

All the parts are new and unused, I just removed everything from the packaging when I packed it all away. The Tank Tread Kit is the only thing still it’s original box. It does have one broken piece that I accidentally dropped.

Pleae let me know if you are interested in any of them.

Hello Adam Heard,
I am a part of a previous VEX team and this year all of its members graduated high school, so we were hoping to sell our parts.
I would gladly sell you our parts for 60% of the price we bought them for. It’s about $1800 worth of parts (I’m guestimating, so I can give you a better estimate later), including all the necessary pieces to run a team. We bought the VEX competition super kit, two extra motors (and controllers), many other structural parts, linear motion kits, high-strength gears, etc.
If you’re interested, just email me or respond, and I’ll give you a few pictures as well as a better estimate of the actual value of the parts.
I would really love to see these parts go to use again! I loved the robotics competitions that I participated in, and I’m always interested in supporting teams.

Why don’t you do FTC? You can use raw materials and 3D print stuff in ftc so it works out cheaper in the long run since buying loads of vex parts = big $. It’s easy to get a supplier to donate some materials but hard to get money to buy stuff.

Is it just the shorter season duration that makes you chose vex over ftc?