Any teams that qualified for 2017 Worlds but didn't get a spot?

Just as the title states. Were there any teams that qualified for the 2017 World Championship but did not get a spot?

Please delete this thread. I remember a long and heated thread about a team that had that happen to them and that discussion ended with them threatening to sue vex; so please, this type of discussion is not something the forum is meant for.

Just like how it’s not meant for complaining about the cost of the cortex :wink:

Lol :stuck_out_tongue:
Still though…


Nothing wrong with the discussion, as long as it’s polite.

What do you mean did they qualify but not get a spot? Don’t you automatically get a spot if you qualify? Do you mean who qualified but didn’t register in team due to funding or other issues? Or do you mean what happened to the team that @JosephW(182C) was referring to.

@The Electrobotz I was just curious as to whether more teams qualified than actually attended the world Championship.

Yeah ofc more teams qualified than attended. Many dropped their seat, took too long to respond, or had last minute problems so they couldn’t attend. But as long as you qualified, you should be register on the team list even if the teams limit is reached. I’ve heard you can contact vex support directly and they will help out.