Any thoughts on what to do with old vex parts? Looking to donate

Hello! I have a buffet of old vex game elements that I’d like to pass along to a program that wants to build their program. Any interest? I’m in Michigan.

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I’m in mid-northern Ohio, I’ll have to ask my coach.

Your local elementary school PE teacher might want some elements for use in class activities. ITZ cones and CU balls are both sturdy and easy to work into a game, as examples.

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I am in need of anything robotics since I am starting my own team, I am from Idaho and would gladly take the donations.

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A lot of times, you can donate them to grade schools as they usually lack the proper budget to buy materials. If all else fails, EBay or other online selling sites will work.

Check out and look for Callahan. Let’s get in touch!

How could I find you on the website?

I am interested in any old challenges for my school. I’m in south Florida.