Any tip for 3922A DR4B model?

We are a new team on Vex Robotics, our name is Warriors and we are from Catalonia. With the WOT method we decided to build the 3922A DR4B model for our robot. We have started, we are following a video tu help us with the building.

The video is:

We have the first part of the chassis and it’s going well!
Any tip for building, that we have to stay alert?
Escaneado_ 20171107-1029.pdf (833 KB)


Here are a couple of tips that help build quality.

Where every you have a shaft you should have a bearing block. For bearing blocks, check to make sure they have all 12 of their prongs that fit into the holes. Check each hole with a shaft to make sure it move smoothly. Before you mount anything make sure that the shaft spins nicely when you put it in between the two pieces of metal. Make sure everything is integer. (even or odd around of holes, no half holes.) If you have any questions or need other tips feel free to respond or direct message me.

Hopefully there is no tip.


another tip, don’t add bearing blocks to shafts connected to motors on the side the motor is on. This only adds extra complexity and friction.

Oh. How did this thread slip by my head? Thank you @Brian_9605A and @Zach929Y

I am a member of 3922A. While this design was scrapped, you can private message me and I can help you with any specific questions. You can also follow the tips posted in this thread.