Any tips and tricks for building this years game field

Hey we’re trying to build the field at my field and I wanted to know if y’all had any tips and tricks to building these goals

As in assembling them correctly? Or making your own?

Assembling them is ridiculously straightforward, BUT CONSTANTLY REMEASURE WITH THE SPACERS.

Tightening the screws can m9ve things around a bit.

Are you building these for virtual comps? Or what?


No we’re building it so we can have In house games

And my teacher told me since I’m the only one who uses the forums actively to post in there if anybody had any tips

Honestly building the field is straightforward but it took 3 of us around 2.5 hours so put on a good movie while you do it.

Here’s a few from when we built ours

*twist the pipes when your building the goals it makes it much easier than just trying to cram them in
*install (BUT DON’T TIGHTEN) all of the screws before you assemble the goals so you don’t have to fiddle with it.
*Measuring is the most important part with the spacing and id almost lean towards the tighter side and build your bot to be able to handle it (so worst case you go to a comp with larger spacing and it only works out in your favor)
*For putting the backboards on dont worry about lining up the drilled holes in the pipes (enough zip ties are included just to double them up and go around the whole pipe.
*Don’t forget about the field update with putting either 11in zip ties or a 4in stand off at the back of the corner goals