Any tips for a robot bulid this year?

Heyy, as a middle school builder help a girl out! We built clutch but then took it apart down to the base we have no idea what we are doing and our competition is October 30th!! :scream: we are running into a couple motor problems but we fixed those. but we have srs problems :pleading_face:

Follow the Design Process; evaluate the game:

  • What do you think are important objectives in the game?

Then do a review of Clutch:

  • What did Clutch do well with those objectives?
  • What did it not do well?
  • What changes would make doing the objectives easier?

Project plan:

  • Which of those changes has the biggest impact?
  • Which of those changes can be completed quickest?

Watch matches on YouTube to fact check your thoughts on the important objectives and to get inspiration for changes!


You might want to check out this guide for general tips:


Thx u guys!! I honestly don’t know what I would have done otherwise!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thx thx thx thx!!


Looking at YouTube wouldn’t help. It also helps to come up with a few different designs and go from there. Btw, what team are you on?

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I agree, try watching some ben lipper videos, very helpful.