Any tips for engineering logbook?

My team is doing fine in terms of the actual build quality and driving, but we always seem to lack in the logbook. I’m in a team of two, and we spend most of our time building and programming, and both of us suck at making high quality logbooks. Is there anything specific that makes you look better to the judges?

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well, first of all it isn’t just a logbook. it’s a notebook. including progress logs is definitely a good idea, but you’ll need a lot more than that to get awards.
the first thing you should do is read the notebook rubric, and make sure your notebook clearly checks all the boxes. and I mean clearly, judges can’t read your entire notebook searching for things.


Write in pen, don’t write too big, be legible, etc. You can see the rubric for more info.


Thanks, I didn’t know there was a rubric

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Do you have the official vex engineering notebooks?it allows for basically a template and therefore better organized ideas. Each page is a grid and has dates on each page.


We just got one for starting a new team number, but our previous book in our first tourney is a sketchbook. With that we have to redo all of our previous things

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Here’s the most recent rubric.



in the notebook, include design, drawings that you have done, process, codes, etc. Just basically the engineering design process. If you follow that, the engineering design process and the rubric you should be fine. Keep in mind this isn’t everything you need in the notebook, just parts of it. You might need to add other things to make it stand out


I just wanted to bring this up. there is already a conversation on this.

I hope this helps! :+1:

Please link the whole document - these should be posted with every qualifying events on under the “Documents” tab.

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Make sure to include any research and math you’ve done.


When I was at Worlds, the most common question we were asked by the judges was
“If you dropped your robot right now and everything broke and you lost all of your code, please walk us through your notebook to show us how you would use your notebook to put the robot together exactly how it is now.” So in other words your engineering notebook needs to be able to answer that question. You should also use the rubric that is above. The notebook needs to represent a process that your team has taken to make your robot and code.


The entire point of an engineering notebook is to able to explain the process of how you built your robot. It needs all the observations, ideas, testing, trials etc. The notebook acts just like an instruction manual. The steps and process that you to create this robot. And just like what @ItsMe said, if gave your engineering robot to a complete stranger, can they build they exact same robot that you have now? Can you rebuild the same robot all over again with just using your journal? You need to think about this, because this is something the judges are looking for.