Any updates on V5 controller disconnects

Hi all - after spending all day Friday troubleshooting a bad USB on a V5 controller we we lucky enough to borrow another one.

After pairing / updating firmware (1.0.9) the controller disconnects A LOT - WAY more than the the now-dead-usb controller it replaced.

I’ve only been using it for 30min and this had numerous disconnects!!!

These are the two instances I’ve seen:
1 - programming in VCode 1.0.4 (win10) through usb/controller the VexCode shows controller disconnect from PC while window’s drive doesn’t do the ‘device disconnected beep’ despite controller showing it is linked to brain
2 - the controller loses connection to brain at random - a lot

We have tried several USB cables, batteries & no difference

We have State this weekend and trying to be proactive - ANY help greatly appreciated

maybe there is damage to the radio? I know that i started to have disconnect issues after my bot fell over onto the radio.


Try swapping your Vex radio port on the brain, the port may have been blown.

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Thanks everyone! Will do!

So is it safe to ‘assume’ the previous V5 disconnect issues have been resolved?

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If you’re talking about the mini controversy surrounding disconnects that have been prevalent throughout the season, no.
Those discussions are still continuing strong.

You can only assume your issues are resolved when your robot is no longer experiencing constant disconnects.

sadly, it’s not then.