Any Utah Forum Members?

Is anyone a member from Utah? Also is anyone going to the Top Of Utah comp. ? (@ South Cache)

Yes. There are several members on the forum from Utah–the most active being myself and ngm185a.

If you would like to see who is registered for any tournament look here:

We are going to the Utah Super tournament tomorrow.
How is the competition over there? Can’t wait!

Yeah I was excited to see you guys on the team list, your robot’s a beast. It’ll be an intense tournament, Utah’s been pretty strong this year and I know people have been working really hard to get ready for this one. Should be fun

This will be a very interesting competition. I don’t know who will take it at this point. Let’s hope for some very intense matches. All I know is that all the people who have worked hard for this competition will reveal themselves for state, and that’s a huge advantage knowing who you need to beat in the future.