Any v5 kit wheels for sale?

My team is getting ready for next year and I am looking to make a stylish robot next year. Mostly everything in the line of vex edr parts are easy to paint, and is something that is legal, so it is the best choice for costomizing your robot to get it to stand out. While thinking of color schemes, I ran into a problem. The green threads of wheels are something that isn’t really paintable, due to their constant abrasion with the field. The new wheels that come with the v5 kits, however, are a sleek grey color for the treads, which would look nice with my color scheme. If anyone would be willing to sell any extra v5 wheels they might have, I would hope to strike a deal to but then off of you, since the only way they can currently be gotten is from the new kits, which are far out of my price range. If interested, please feel free to comment or dm me, and if anyone has a solution to paint the treads of wheels, I would greatly appreciate it,
-1264E (dunwoody high school, GA)

how I long for some of those myself…


Ha ha, person that is just fine!

I’m 'bouta to get me some of those wheels!

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You can probably find some, but they ship in 8 months

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I’m not sure how much this helps you, but they will probably start selling the ‘V5 wheels’ once the current ones are out of stock. Same will go for the green/red high strength gears.

So next year we need to subtly influence everyone to buy new Omni wheels for the game, and then we can all get new ones after the green runs out of stock.


After reading this thread, I regret my decision to try to “save money” by purchasing individual parts instead of bundles. Now I don’t get any of those red gears or grey wheels. :frowning_face:

You actually save money by buying the kits. Like, a lot of money.

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yeah with the competition super kit you save about $400 compared to buying everything individually.

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And it had very few things that aren’t needed.


After I received all my parts, I realized my stupidity of wasting lots of money. :slightly_frowning_face: